Polytechnic School in Subotica Enables Craftsmen to Confirm their Knowledge with a Diploma


Construction workers who have experience in a craft, and do not have the necessary diploma that confirms their skills, will in the future be able to prove what they have learned on paper.

The Polytechnic School in Subotica is one of over 20 in Serbia that participate in the program of recognition of previous learning that the country implements with the support of the European Union. In this way, companies will have the required number of experts on paper for certain jobs, workers will not have to constantly prove the craft, and the schools themselves are entering the world of non-formal education, which includes training programs for all those who want to craft in this way, Radio Television of Vojvodina reports.

Reinforcers, masons, carpenters and construction machine operators often acquire their knowledge through work. Assistance in introducing schools into the non-formal education system through training and recognition of prior learning comes from Slovenia. The qualifications that those interested acquire in this way will be recognised at the level of the European Union.

See more about this topic in the story by Radio Television of Vojvodina.


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