DJ Satori at Golubac Fortress: Sounds of the Past


As part of Europe Day 2021 festivities, a concert movie entitled Satori at Golubac Fortress: Sounds of the past was premiered at Kombank dvorana in Belgrade and Arena Cineplex in Novi Sad, within the 49th edition of FEST. The performance was then broadcast on official Facebook pages of the EU Delegation to Serbia, EXIT festival and Beatport, in addition to being broadcast on channel 2 of the Radio Television of Serbia. The concert movie, produced jointly by the EU Delegation to Serbia and EXIT Festival, was made within project InfinitX.

Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Sem Fabrizi pointed out the importance of the idea of peace and solidarity that has been at the heart of the EU since its formation in 1950: “The European Union has taken the path of peace, cooperation and love, and these ideas have attracted a number of other countries to join it. As a result, the European Union now has 27 Member States and is open to building joint future with other countries, such as Serbia.

Fabrizi pointed out the importance of hope and solidarity in the times of crisis: “Artists know best how to convey the message of hope; a concert like this, one that takes place in an iconic and symbolic place such as Golubac is the epitome of that message. This concert combines modern art, that is electronic music made for younger generations, with historic cultural heritage and a medieval fortress.”

Protection and promotion of cultural heritage are part and parcel of the EU’s mission in Serbia. The EU recognises the importance of Serbian cultural heritage for Europe and the world, and reconstructions of Golubac Fortress, the Franciscan Monastery in Baču, Pirot Old Town, the 1902 Subotica Synagogue, the renovation of Jevremovac Botanical Garden in Belgrade, the National Theatre in Belgrade – some of the most important EU-funded projects in Serbia – are the testament of this commitment.

Director and founder of EXIT Festival, Dušan Kovačević, reminded that this performance was recorded two weeks ago at Golubac Fortress. “We knew that this was a sort of magic and that this performance and video would touch the hearts of many,” Kovačević said and pointed out that he hopes this would be one of the last concerts that audience had to watch in movie theatres due to the pandemic.

Satori is highly respectful of the Balkan ethno music, and this love transpired in his performance of Sounds of the Past in Golubac Fortress: „I can’t wait for the whole world to see this movie and our show inspired by myths surrounding the history of this Fortress. While creating music there, I had the feeling of traveling through time. It was surreal. I am honoured that the movie will be screened today, on 9 May, the day of celebrating peace and unity in our continent,” Satori pointed out. Singer and actress Milica Majstorović also joined Satori during his set as a special guest from Serbia.

Watch the concert Satori at Golubac Fortress: Sounds of the Past on Facebook page EU in Serbia.


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