IPA 2008

Country indicative financial allocation per component for the period 2007-2011 (in million Euro)

ipa-2008-chartThe EC has provided support to Serbia under a variety of financial instruments, including Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation (CARDS), macro-financial support and humanitarian aid. Since 2007 Serbia has received EU financial aid under the instrument for pre-accession assistance (IPA). One part of the assistance (Component I) focuses on implementing the main priorities of the European partnership while the other (Component II) supports cross-border cooperation activities between Serbia and EU Member States as well as with adjacent Candidate and potential Candidate Countries. The allocation for 2008 totals €190.9 million.

A number of civil society initiatives are also being supported both under the national IPA programme and by thematic financing instruments such as the European Initiative for Democratisation and Human Rights. Support to civil society under 2008 programmes amounts to over €6 million. In May 2007, Serbia was admitted to the EC Seventh Research Framework Programme. The related memorandum of understanding was signed in June 2007.

Annual or multi-annual programmes (depending on the component) are designed in accordance with the strategic MIPDs. They are adopted by the Commission following consultation with the beneficiary countries and other stakeholders. They are implemented in one of three ways: by centralised assistance is managed by the Commission Headquarters in Brussels , decentralised assistance is managed by the authorities of the beneficiary country as a result of an accreditation process carried out by the Commission or shared assistance is managed by the authorities of one of the Member States participating in the cross-border programme management.

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