”Local Housing Strategies Development Guidelines” Published


The aim of the publication ”Local Housing Strategy Development Guidelines” is to provide local government units with practical instructions in the development of local housing strategies.

The guidelines are based on the normative framework that determines the obligation of local self-government units to develop local housing strategies (Law on Housing and Building Maintenance), as well as the content, structure and process of drafting public policy documents (Law on Planning System). The procedure is presented in accordance with the structure of the strategy and the action plan for its implementation and through a clear overview and description of the identified steps. 

The guidelines are divided into five chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. The normative and public-political framework of housing policy 
  3. Basic principles and principles of housing policy
  4. Steps in developing a local housing strategy
  5. Implementation and monitoring of local housing strategy

The publication also contains a proposal for the structure of the local housing strategy and the implementing action plan, as well as a list of valid regulations and public policies relevant to the development of the local housing strategy.

Download ”Local Housing Strategy Development Guidelines” at THIS LINK or on the Downloads page.


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