IPA 2009

Projects approved under the financial agreement on the national IPA programme 2009

The signing of the Financial Agreement on the National IPA Programme 2009 marks the beginning of the third installment of funds (the first one being IPA 2007, the second one IPA 2008) of the total of 1.4 billion euros that the EU has earmarked for the Republic of Serbia for the period 2007-2013. Nine projects worth 70.5 million euros in total (including 1.5 million euros reserved funds) have been approved under the Financial Agreement. Additional 100 million euros of budgetary assistance have been granted under the IPA 2009 programme, and this amount will be released in two instalments. Projects have been divided into three priority areas: political criteria, social and economic criteria and ability to take over the obligations stemming from the membership.

Area of assistance:
Political criteria;
Value: 17.15 million euros

1. Capacity building in the Seized Property Management Directorate and upgrading of the system of seizure of property acquired in criminal activity

Value: € 2.5 million

Aim: Improve institutional capacity and efficient functioning of the Seized Property Management Directorate of the Ministry of Justice, as well as other key institutions involved in the discovery, expropriation, confiscation, management and seizure of property acquired in criminal activity in Serbia.

2. Support for the refugees and internally displaced persons’ access to rights, employment and improved living conditions

Value: € 12.65 million

Aim: Support the refugees and internally displaced persons’ rights by way of economic and housing support, providing information about return and access to social services. The project will have two components: 1) Income generation, housing and support for sustainable return, and 2) Social inclusion, which will support introduction of social protection at the community level in 20 targeted municipalities. 

3. Support for the civil society

Value: € 2.00 million

Aim: Encourage active intercultural dialogue and exchange of ideas between civil society organisations in Serbia and the EU, whilst simultaneously helping to build tolerance and cultural diversity throughout Serbia.

Area of assistance:
Social and economic criteria;
Total budget: € 40.35 million

4. Zezelj Bridge – Reconstruction of infrastructure in Serbia

Value: € 30.0 million

Aim: Rebuild Zezelj Bridge with its infrastructure. The project has the following components: (1) Building of the steel construction of the bridge; (2) Preparation of the bridge foundations and ramps; (3) Construction of the bridge and its foundations, superstructure, upper band and transport infrastructure, and (4) Tearing down and removal of the existing temporary bridge and its foundations.Additional 30 million euros will be provided by the Executive Council of AP Vojvodina and the budget of Novi Sad.

5. Implementation of the national screening programme for colorectal, cervix carcinoma and breast cancers

Value: € 6.60 million

Aim: Improve public health in Serbia by organised implementation of screening programmes for colorectal, cervix and breast cancers. The project will be carried out through the following activities: 1. Establishment of a functional screening system for colorectal, cervix and breast cancers in Serbia, procurement of mammography units and laboratory equipment, and 2. Raising public awareness of the importance of the early discovery of cancer. 

6. Improve pre-school education in Serbia

Value: € 3.75 million

Aim: Improve pre-school education conditions, especially for children that belong to vulnerable groups, by improving the quality of pre-school programmes and expanding the existing capacities of pre-school institutions.

Area of assistance:
Ability to undertake responsibilities stemming from the membership;
Budget: € 11.50 million

7. Support for the control and eradication of classical swine fever and rabies in Serbia

Value: € 6.00 million

Aim: The beneficiary institution is the Veterinary Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management. The project aims to contribute to the eradication of certain animal diseases such as classical swine fever and rabies. The expected results are:

  1. Regulation of classical swine fever and rabies control measures in Serbia and adoption of an efficient wildlife inoculation programme in accordance with the EU recommendations;
  2. Reduction of the number of cases of rabies and classical swine fever in wildlife;
  3. Training programmers for veterinarians, veterinarian inspectors and hunters.

8. Technical assistance in the preparation of documents for the construction of a hazardous waste treatment plant

Value: € 3.00 million

Aim: Prepare studies, technical documentation and paperwork necessary to implement a tender procedure for the construction of a hazardous waste treatment plant, which includes the following stages:

  • Stage 1 – Production of hydrological and geotechnical study and implementation of other necessary preliminary works, revision of the feasibility study, production of technical documentation necessary for the construction of the facility;
  • Stage 2 – Application for the approval of the spatial plan, production of the environment impact assessment study, preparation of tender documentation for subsequent stages, applications envisaged by the legislation governing environment protection and application for a building permit.

9. Improving customer protection in Serbia

Value: € 2.50 million

Aim: Contribute to the protection of rights and interests of consumers in Serbia by developing legislative and institutional frameworks for consumer protection in accordance with the EU recommendations.

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