IPA 2013

In accordance with the national programme for Serbia that the European Commission adopted in December, the country will receive  €178.7 million aid under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA).

It will help Serbia implement reforms in key areas such as rule of law, public administration, social inclusion, private sector development, transport, environment, energy and agriculture.

These reforms are crucial elements of the country’s European integration process and will directly improve the daily lives of Serbian citizens.

The programme will help Serbia in the area of rule of law by supporting the implementation of national strategies for the fight against corruption, improving the prison system and strengthening the independence and competence of the judicial system.

Funds will also be used to strengthen the efficiency of the Serbian customs administration and border control facilities.

The funds will also go to improve the capacity of the public administration at central and local levels by developing the country’s public finance management and public procurement.

In addition, 34 municipalities in South and South West Serbia will be specifically targeted to develop local governance capacities, conditions for business and infrastructure development and support the implementation of social inclusion and employment policies.

The development of the private sector will be supported through measures that will improve the environment for doing business in Serbia, increase the competitiveness of Serbian enterprises and support investment in research and innovation. In the area of transport, navigation conditions on the Danube will be improved.

With the 2013 amount, the EU’s pre-accession assistance for Serbia since 2001 has reached €2.6 billion.

  1. Public Administration Reform Sector
  2. Support to further modernisation of the Customs Administration and improved border management in the Republic of Serbia
  3. Justice Sector
  4. Home Affairs Sector
  5. Prevention and Fight Against Corruption
  6. Transport Sector
  7. Environment and Climate Change Sector
  8. Support to Agriculture and rural development
  9. Support for participation in EU  Programmes
  10. Support for European Integration and Development of the Project Pipeline 2014-2020
  11. National Programme for Serbia
  12. Private sector development
  13. European PROGRESS
  14. Energy Sector
  15. Social Development
  16. Participation to JASPERS