Kovacica hosts presentation of IPARD fund


In Kovacica, farmers and food processing industry representatives from south Banat area were brought closer to conditions of use of IPARD funding through a presentation held by delegates of the Ministry of Agriculture. Also, they learned more about subsidy programmes within republic and provincial budgets.

According to media outlets that covered the event, farmers and food processing industry representatives were told about criteria and conditions they have to meet and papers they have to submit in order to apply for EU funding.

“Perhaps they still haven’t studied the conditions and necessary papers, and we feel like certain producers might be waiting for their neighbours to apply first. We believe this would cause a chain reaction and make others apply, too,” said Slobodan Zivanovic from the Ministry of Agriculture.

“I believe that smaller farmers need assistance to sail through these rough waters, turn their efforts into profit and join the market competition more than people who own over 100 hectares of land,” said Dragan Jovanov, a member of Crepaja Municipal Council.

The first two calls for proposals run through 26 February. In March, the Ministry will launch another call, aimed at purchase of equipment (food processing industry), while over the course of summer primary food producers will be able to apply for funding aimed at construction of plants and purchase of tractors, equipment and machinery.


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