New Issue of “IPARD at a Glance” Newsletter—IPARD launches Measure 7 call for proposals


Twenty million euros or 2.3 million dinars—these are the funds allocated by the European Union for the development of rural tourism in Serbia through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Rural Development (IPARD).

IPARD Measure 7, accredited in late March 2020, is aimed at promoting non-farming activities in rural areas. This measure within IPARD II is focused on the development of hospitality and tourism in rural areas as a field with major development potential.

More information about Measure 7, as well as frequently asked questions about IPARD and best practices of the programme, can be found in the latest IPARD at a Glance newsletter available in Serbian and English.

Hospitality business owners who wish to improve their tourism offer and those who intend to start a hospitality business in rural areas in Serbia can seek support as part of IPARD Measure 7. Eligible beneficiaries include natural persons, entrepreneurs, and micro and small businesses.

As stated on IPARD website, the first call for proposals was launched on 8 June, and applicants are invited to submit their applications for incentives from 1 July through 1 October 2020.

Incentives cover up to 65% of eligible costs, with reimbursements ranging from EUR5,000 to EUR300,000, says IPARD.

This call for proposals offers investments in physical assets and covers eligible costs for construction of accommodation and hospitality facilities; purchase of new investment-related machinery and equipment; investments in landscaping and road networks; development of tourist recreational activities; and investments in renewable energy.

A detailed overview of the call for proposals, the rulebook, and accompanying documents can be found on the websites of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management and Directorate for Agrarian Payments.


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