“Pragmatic” platform – a bridge between farmers and advanced technologies


“InoSens” company from Novi Sad has developed a platform “Pragmatic” for modern farmers, an unique B2F (business to farmer) online shop. “Pragmatic” is one of the three technology platforms that have been developed within the framework of “Katana”, one of the European projects from the European Commission’s programme “Horizon 2020”, and “Inosens” company has contributed to the modernisation process and reconstruction of EU Joint Agriculture Policy.

“Pragmatic” is a connection between agriculture and IT sector which enables sale of services and products in the precision agriculture domain. Using the platform, farmers in Serbia can find products and services based on precision technology, such as information on the most affordable seller of irrigation equipment, row covers equipment, drones, humidity measuring systems… They simply chose a product or service they are interested in, check the prices and payment conditions with different sellers and conclude their search.

Using the platform, farmers can fill in parameters in a calculator, chose needed technology, for example, irrigation, put in the amount of space, a number of months the service is wanted for and, based on the offers, “Pragmatic“ will find an average price for a sought service.

InoSens says the “Pragmatic“ platform is related to presicion agriculture, with an aim to connect inovative IT companies with their end users – farmers, agriculture associations, agriculture companies in order to ease the access to necessary technologies to farmers, and for the IT companies, to facilitate market approach.

“It is not easy for farmers to estimate whether a new technology is payable, while companies, on the other hand, are focused on their product and hardly ever bring a product which farmers expect, to the market. This is why ‘Pragmatic’ is here”, InoSens says.

“Pragmatic“ platform is a part of the “Katana“ project, based on three pillars – precision technologies, mobile services as a shorther way to the market and functional food for personalised diet.

“We had a series of conversations with producers before we made and launched a platform. We wanted to hear their problems, mark them and bring in our solution. It is not worth to make an application without contacts with farmers, their suggestions and expectations”, says Maja Zikic of the “InoSens“, noting that “Pragmatic“ is open not only for “Katana“ participants, but for the whole market, where anyone can advertise their products for free.





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